Winding Down & Recent Happenings

Lately my life has been filled with…
Final wedding preparations like: antiquing, putting together our beverage escort cards, various craft projects, and scouting locations for photographs

I’ve started running trails on the weekends. I have an upcoming 10K trail race in November. I have found a new love for running on trails, which I’ve never really done. My knees aren’t sore like they usually are after pounding the pavement—that is until I trip on a hidden tree root and fall. Sometimes I don’t even mind the 200+ stair steps to climb on one particular trail.

And even squeezing in one Wombats concert :)

With the wedding two weeks away from tomorrow, my spare time has been…well, spare. Trying to find a balance between work life, everyday life, and getting final wedding preparations done is hard. I don’t really have time to just sit back and relax to enjoy an evening on the couch with Tim. When I am sitting on the couch, I’m usually doing something wedding related—picking out music, writing up the ceremony, typing out the wedding day-of schedule, or putting together some sort of crafty project. And even though I’m not much of a beach person, I can’t wait to be sitting on a beach in three weeks doing nothing.


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