When Unexpected Things Happen

This whole week has been full of unexpected events…mostly not good ones either.

Tim and I drove up to my hometown in Nebraska last Thursday after we got off work and stayed for the long holiday weekend. The weekend for the most part was great! Got to see family and some close friends. I think it was Saturday evening when things started to turn from “pretty alright” to “eh, not so great.” However, I always try and look on the bright side of things and not dwell on the crap-tastic things that happen. You can’t get through life and be happy if all you do is sulk about the negative side of things, right?

Unexpected Event #1
My phone died while in Nebraska. I’m not talking about the battery being out of juice, I’m talking like my phone won’t turn on. It was freezing during start up and would continuously restart until I pulled the battery out. So the next day I had to go shell out some $$$ to get a new phone. Thanks goodness I was eligible for an upgrade [bright side!] !  I wasn’t exactly thrilled about any of the smart phones that are currently on the market, so I ended up switching from an Android phone to an iPhone—which means I now have a phone that works and doesn’t crap out on me on an almost daily basis [bright side!]. But getting a new phone meant renewing my contract, which also meant that I got kicked off my parents family plan and onto my own. This wasn’t suppose to happen until December and I wasn’t exactly wanting it to happen any sooner, but at least I won’t have to shell out the $$$ during the holiday season on top of buying gifts [bright side!].

Unexpected Event #2
We were THREE hours into our seven hour drive when I get a panic-y phone call from my grandma—Tim had forgotten his work computer at her house. UGGGHH. It would have cost more money to ship it back than what was spent in gas, so this meant that we had to turn around and head back. So what’s the bright side? My mom and grandma met us half way so we didn’t have to go aaalllll of the way back. Still, the normal seven hour drive turned into a 10 hour drive. There is no bright side of being in the car for 10 hours.

Unexpected Event #3
I was driving to my hair appointment on Tuesday when my back passenger tire blew out. There was no puncture to make it go flat, but the entire side wall basically split open.

I was on the interstate before I really understood what was wrong. So I pulled over at the closest exit and called Tim to come rescue me. After shelling out $$$ to buy a new phone (including the insurance), I was not wanting to shell out even more $$$ to get new tires. Because when you need one new tire, it’s always best to buy two. But….there are actually a few bright sides to this unexpected event…1) the tire blew out once we got back to St. Louis and not somewhere between Nebraska and here, 2) my car didn’t go crazy and swerve like you hear in those horror stories when someone’s tire blows out, and 3) I was still able to make it to my hair appt—just a half hour late.  So this brings me to…

Unexpected Even #4
This is a good one, I promise. I got my front tires replaced while I was in Nebraska, but was going to wait on the back two. The back ones were going to need it before the first snow, but they weren’t in as bad of shape as the other two. So I took my car up to Nebraska to get it done because it’s soooo much cheaper in my hometown. Well this time it was even more so because my mom surprised me by saying my parents were going to take care of these tires. So when all of the tire business was all said and done, I got four new tires but only had to pay for two of them (plus an alignment).

In the end, everything that unexpectedly happened was able to be resolved, even though it was mostly at my expense. There were a couple other good things to happen this week—like how I came across an old table at my grandparent’s that I am able to borrow for the wedding ceremony. Turns out the table belonged to my great, great grandparents and my grandpa had been hanging onto it all this time. I mean, how cool is that? And the best part? I get to keep it :) So there just so happen to be some silver lining in those stormy clouds.


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