The Ugly Wall “Solution”

So remember the ugly wall in our house, and how we weren’t sure what to do with it?

Well, we think we’ve come up with a solution…turn it into a dry erase wall.

I’m still a bit “eh” for the solution, but Tim is pretty excited about it, so that’s what we’re moving forward with. I still would prefer doing a chalkboard wall, especially since it’s textured, but Tim is very against the chance of having chalk residue all over the new carpet. I can’t blame him.

We haven’t painted it yet, but we have picked up the paint from Lowes. It’s not cheap either. I think Tim said it was roughly $100 for about 34 oz of paint, which probably won’t be enough to cover that wall. Uh, that’s twice what I recently spent on two gallons of paint I bought to paint the common areas of the house. Yeesh. We’re going to try and sand down the rough spots, or figure out a different way to smooth things out a bit. Then we’ll have to prime the wall using Kiltz, which I have some leftover from the fireplace but probably not enough. It will probably be  a couple of weeks before we get to painting the ugly wall because you really need to open up the house and ventilate (Kiltz is a stinky product!), and we’re heading up to Nebraska for the holiday weekend.

As for other things, here’s a few things that happened over the weekend…
– Spray painted a few things
– Broke glass, then replaced glass
– Hung some stuff up
– Test drove a couple cars, brought one home—not for me sadly :(
– Cleaning
– Wedding planning

There’s never enough weekend time to get stuff done, but the package I’ve been waiting for it set to arrive Wednesday!


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