Friday Work Attire

I’ve finished the painting I started last weekend, but I’m still awaiting a new somin’ somin’ in the mail before I do a before and after post. I love the common areas so much better already. So until then, I thought I’d put up a post of what I wore to work today :)

We have a business-casual / fairly relaxed dress code at work. We can wear anything from formal business attire to jeans and a nice blouse. I always aim for something in the middle, maybe slightly more towards the casual side—I’m not quite ready for full on business attire. Kudos to anyone my age that has to actually wear that on a daily basis.

I’m still figuring out how to create different outfits out of my existing clothes. It’s so easy to fall back on your favorite outfits or go out and buy a new item. But with the wedding less than two months away and a list of things we have yet to purchase, I’m determined to use what I’ve got. The three items in the picture below are not the exact items I own, but are pretty darn close. So today, I’m wearing my black and white striped blazer from F21 [no longer available], a basic v-neck shirt [mine was from Express a couple years ago], and blue pants [mine are from Kohls and should still be available—their site is currently down for maintenance.] Oh yes, and I’m wearing basic white flats.

Here are the items shown in the image: blazer // shirt // pants similar pants

I  normally wear the blazer with dark, straight leg jeans or red slacks, but I loved the thought of wearing blue pants. I could have easily worn heels with this to make it even more dressier, but I bruised my left knee up last night so I stuck with flats today. Happy Friday!


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