My “New” Plant Stand

The wedding is exactly two months away, which means we need to get busy with a few remaining to-do items. One of those to-do items that has been on my list since Tim and I decided to do an Irish Salt Ceremony was to find a small table that the containers of salt would sit on. Nothing fancy, nothing too big. I have been searching for several months looking on Craigslist,  hitting up Goodwill and strolling through antique shops. All the tables I did find seemed to be either too short and/or too expensive. Depending on the style and condition of the table, I was more than likely going to paint it white—unless it was an awesome wood table that was too pretty to alter.

Well, a few weeks ago while my friend Chelsea and I were out “antique-ing” I finally found a table. It was was a country, shabby-chic plant stand that happen to be in good shape, the right height, and only $15. Sold! I took home the stand and it went from looking like this…

…to this! After some sanding, a couple coats of primer, and a couple coats of paint (the wood really absorbed it) I had a semi-glossy, white table.

For right now, it’s hanging out in the living room next to the fireplace holding a plant my grandma’s gave me during my senior year of college (that I’m honestly surprised I’ve been able to keep it alive for this long). I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with it after the wedding. Maybe it will go right back to it’s current spot. I have no idea at this point, but for now I think the plant is enjoying the extra sunlight (Ferrah too.) My birthday was last week, so all of my cards are on the mantle. We did that growing up at my parents house, and I’ve just carried it with me.

Speaking of the living room….there was a lot of painting going on over the weekend. I’m still not quite done—it’s taking much longer than I had anticipated. But I’m so excited about it. It already looks so much better than having tan walls everywhere!


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