Wait…what brand are those?

I recently bought a new pair of wedges (the ones below to be exact), and am basically in love with them.

I was so in love with the watercolor floral pattern of the shoes that I looked past the lower wedge heel (2.5 inches) and ordered them. They are much brighter in person than what the pictures show. It’s a good kind of brighter too. And! there are so many colors in these wedges, that I can basically wear them with whatever color I want—which I have done. Have I mentioned how comfortable these guys are? Maybe it’s lower wedge heel or the way the fabric lays across the top of my foot or perhaps it’s the cushioned insole. Or how about all three reasons. I was able to score the shoes basically for half of the retail price because they were on sale and an additional discount. So worth it.

So…would you believe me if I said that these shoes were Naturalizer brand? Because they are! Just about every girlfriend that’s asked me about these shoes are shocked when I tell them what brand they are. I don’t blame them, Naturalizer has such an “old-person” stigma to them. But believe it or not, they have  a some cute shoes in their current line. Some may not be the most “night-out-on-the-town” style of shoes, but for wearing to work and every day comfort—I’m sold.

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