Happy [Late] Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks with 11 other friends this past weekend. We headed out of town Thursday night and got back yesterday afternoon. It was nice to get away from the city and relax for a few days. I took this picture at sunset from our condo’s balcony. The weather was perfect at around 95 all weekend, and I even managed to come home without any sunburns. SPF 50 does wonders.

 In other news…

• Tim and I were surprised with a gift from our wedding registry last week. His mom bought us the DSLR camera we had listed. We were honestly expecting to combine any gift cards we had received to help purchase this camera. I was uber excited after I realized what it was when opening the package. So now that I have a camera once again, I won’t be having to take pictures of projects with my cell phone. Yay! But now comes the fun part of learning how to use it…

• I met up with my family last weekend in KC and picked up my wedding dress! It fit almost perfectly, so just a few minor alterations and it’s ready to go. I’m just going to have to cut back on those specialty coffee drinks that I love so much to make sure it stays fitting the way it did last weekend.

• Between being in KC last weekend, the Ozarks this past weekend, and then heading out of state next couple of weekends I feel like I’m living out of my suitcase. But I’m really excited for these next couple of long weekend trips :)

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