Updating My Closet

One of the first thoughts I had after the new job offer had sunk in was, “oh shit, I’m going to have to update my wardrobe.” At my last job, I was able to basically wear whatever I wanted. From ragged jeans and a t-shirt, to a pencil skirt and heals. For the most part, I normally dressed somewhere in the middle with a few exceptions here and there. Well at the new place, I can’t really get away with wearing a t-shirt, jeans and my favorite Chuck Taylors anymore. It’s definitely not full-on business attire, but we are expected to dress nicely—business casual as most people call it. While we can wear jeans, it’s encouraged to have a nice/dressy top.

Normally most girls would jump at the chance to go shopping and change up their wardrobe—and yes, I’ve always enjoyed shopping, too. But this time it could mean dropping a lot of money to update a lot of stuff. Since graduating college two years ago, I’ve become more aware of how far I can stretch my money when buying clothes. I’ve also become increasingly picky when it comes to shopping. Almost to where I don’t enjoy it anymore. However, I am excited about being practically forced to update my wardrobe. I’m turning 25 in August and it’s time I start dressing like I’m turning 25—and no longer like a college student.

With all that being said, I’m going to slowly update my wardrobe here and there, while trying to be smart about the items I’m buying. So not only will I be mindful of price, I also need to make sure almost everything I buy is versatile. I don’t want to buy a top and only be able to wear it with one pair of jeans. I want to be able to wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts, and different shoes. Before I started the new job, I went through my closet and made of list of acceptable work outfits and also made a wish list for future purchases. So, so helpful. And because of this new…task…I’ve given myself, I may be adding to the blog a few of my favorite/new/tried & true work outfits. A lot of the items may not be exact matches to what’s in my closet, but all will be super close.

So here is what I’m wearing today. Like right this very instant. The white shirt [which is fitted] and skirt are the exact items I’m wearing, and the shoes and necklace are very close. The turquoise necklace I’m wearing today was purchased roughly four years ago from Delias for about $20, and the flats I’m wearing I bought last Christmas for $5 on sale from Maurices. I also have on a light, heather gray cardigan as well because the office is always a bit chilly. I love the coral and turquoise trend that’s in right now. I think the white top helps it from getting to crazy colorful. :)

Fitted white shirt: Target $10; Skirt: Forever 21 $15; Necklace: H&M $13; Shoes: Endless $98


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