Holy cow this is a long overdue post, but “!!!!!” is exactly how I feel every time I go down to the basement. Because it has carpet!!!!! So when you walk down the stairs, this is the first view of the basement you get…The first things I notice are the meters, but just look past that part for now and instead at the wonderful carpet. Who knew you could get so excited over carpet? It just makes the space feel so much more inviting, cozy, and warm. Not to mention the basement is the only area of the house with carpet—the rest is hardwood or tile.

There will be a round table behind the couch with a few chairs for people to sit at when we entertain and a bar towards the back under that really bright light. We’ve started looking for lighting fixtures for those two spots, which needs a dedicated post itself.

We’re also currently on the look for a proper media console to put below the TV, rather than a coffee table that’s currently there. Oh, and the wire hanging down from the TV will also be hidden…we’re waiting for a longer one to arrive in the mail so it will be long enough to “thread” through the tube he installed in the wall to hide all wires.

As I mentioned before, we ended up buying our carpet from a local store not too far from the house rather than Home Depot. We selected the Goosedown carpet from Mohawk’s High and Mighty collection. Because it’s a twist carpet, it lays in all directions. Which means we get to take full advantage of it, unlike loop carpet where you really only use the top of it because it stays “perched” upright at all times.

But one of the main reasons why we selected this carpet is because of its warranties. This carpet came with a 15 year quality warranty and a lifetime stain and soil warranty. We have pets…who can sometimes make unplanned messes [dirty paws, hair balls, etc]. The lifetime stain and soil warranty was a must have—even if we don’t live here forever. We have an eight pound pad underneath, which makes the carpet perfect for laying on. Overall, we’re super happy with our choice.


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