So I’m a bit late at getting to this step in the basement project, but I didn’t want to completely skip over it. We finished putting in the baseboards [trim] in 2–3 weeks ago while we were waiting for our carpet to arrive. I mentioned that I needed to go back and fill in the holes from the nails, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. However! It didn’t happen right away because just a couple days after the baseboards were finished being installed, the carpet arrived. So I decided to just wait. But filling in the nail holes and painting back over those areas is at the top of my list to get done.

Like I mentioned before, you can see where we left a space between the floor and the baseboards. That has been covered up by carpet now, so you can’t even see that space anymore.

Notice how the doors were also installed? I was able to get those painted at the last minute right before carpet was installed as well. Speaking of carpet, originally we had picked out this carpet from the Martha Steward line at Home Depot…

And then we went to a local place to check out carpet and actually ended up ordering this instead…a “modern shag.” And oh does it feel nice on bare feet.

We’ve been taking full advantage of it for the last week or two. I can say with 100% confidence that we absolutely love it. Even Nellie loves it.

I’m going to see if I can’t borrow “the nice camera” and take some good shots of the carpeted basement this weekend for a full–blown carpet post. We still have what seems like a never ending list of things to do, but at least the furniture we’ve had stowed away for the last year is finally being put to use!


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