Trimming the Edges

So this is what the floor of the basement looked like over the weekend…

Oh yeah, the baseboards were getting some action. I painted twelve 12 ft baseboards [four were already being used when I took this picture]. I gave each piece two coats of semi-gloss interior paint, and then Tim and his Dad went to work putting them up. They laid down a spare piece on the floor to help measure the gap between the bottom of the trim and the floor. It’s to allow space for the carpet nails to be installed properly, and will be covered up by the carpet. Here’s a picture of a corner in the closet—you can see the gap between the trim and the floor.

Tim was able to get all of the baseboards put up yesterday [yay!], but now we have to go back with wood filler/spackle and more paint to hide the nails before we can call this job done. We haven’t heard that our carpet has come in yet, but we’re assuming sometime this week. We need to get the trim and doors painted before they install the carpet, so we’ll be working on those tasks this week. We’re pretty happy with how the trim looks in place. Once we get the next part of the trim done, I plan on doing full room pictures and some close–ups.


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