Paint. Check.

Oh my goodness, we have made some major [and I mean major] progress on the basement in the last two weeks. Like…

• Primed
• Painted
• All electrical outlets are installed and light switch cover are put on
• Installed all ceiling lights
• Installed two of the four in–ceiling speakers
• Installed two of the three doors
• Picked up baseboard trim this afternoon

and for my favorite thing we’ve done in the last two week regarding the basement…

• Ordered carpet … YES!!! We ordered carpet. We actually ended up ordering something completely different that what we had originally picked out at Home Depot. In fact, we didn’t even order through Home Depot. We went through a local, family owned flooring store just down the street. We prefer to use local businesses whenever possible. Unfortunately, I never took pictures of the carpet sample when we brought it home so I don’t have an image of that.

But what I do have is pictures of the basement right after we finished painting! Originally we were thinking about doing a cool gray color, but just like carpet, we changed our minds and went with something different. Instead we did a very light creamy neutral color with the slightest hint of yellow or tan undertones. It’s called “Vintage Linen UL190-14” by Behr. It’s from the paint + primer line, but since we didn’t need the primer, the guy color matched the paint for us. Tim and I both agree that we’re happy we went this route instead of a gray. With a gray section and chair, it just would have been too much. I also have to give Tim’s dad a big thank you for letting us borrow his awesome camera for this pictures. It shows so much more space than when I was using my little cellphone camera.

Here’s a better view of the paint color vs the white ceiling. We were laughing about how we chose a neutral color since I’ve been slowly painting over all of neutral paint upstairs.

Oh yes, and Tim also pulled up the existing carpet from the stairs. We were really hoping for better looking stairs under the carpet, but we knew we couldn’t have too high of hopes. We contemplated finishing them with hardwood instead of carpet, but after weighing the pros and cons we just decided it would better to just carpet them.

We’re still unsure of what to do with the wall at the bottom of the stairs. Tim mentioned creating a stone, feature wall but I don’t especially care for that idea. Chalkboard paint has been tossed around. I personally would prefer to carry the existing wall color down so it’s cohesive. But that wall is sort of low on the priority list, so we don’t really have to decide right now. The third and final door gets installed today, and then the baseboards. We’re hoping for the carpet to be installed in about two weeks. Those are the pictures I’m super excited about posting.

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