My 2012 Resolution

Yes, I realize we’re a mere 10 days away from March and I’m finally talking about my new year’s resolution. Part of that reason is because I didn’t decide until 3 weeks ago what my resolution was, and the other part is because I think making new year’s resolutions are silly. I mean, how many people actually stick with their resolutions? Not to mention, you haven’t really “resolved” anything after you’ve proclaimed your resolution. You still have to work for it. Maybe I’m just not too fond of the word “resolution,” in this context, but I think I’d prefer to call my resolution a Goal. A 2012 Goal.

So what is my 2012 Goal? To run at least one race every month this year. And if you noticed that I mentioned earlier that I finally decided on this goal three weeks ago, I completely missed my January race. Which means my “resolution” would be considered a fail. So instead, my goal is run at least one race every single remaining month of 2012. I will even choose a month, or two, and run an extra race to make up for January being missed.

Why running at least one race every month? I don’t have a clear reason as to why. I just want to. Simple as that. I could have said that it was because I become extremely lazy [like most people] during the winter months and I want to keep up on my running. Or I could have said that while I enjoy running, I only participate in a race one or two times a year. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’ve never been a competitive runner. I do it for the pure enjoyment. And to stay somewhat healthy.

As for the kind of races, it doesn’t really matter. Most of them will be a 5k or 10k…pretty achievable distances. I really killed my knees during my half marathon training this past fall, and I’d prefer to not have sore knees all year. Though I won’t be participating in a half marathon again this year, I really would love to do the one in October. We won’t be back from the honeymoon in time for me to participate in it. However, I am looking into do a sprint/mini triathlon this summer. I’ve never done one before, but I was in swim team for 7 or 8 years growing up, and Tim and I will go on fairly long [14ish miles] bike rides. So I think as long as I train hard, a sprint triathlon [200 meters swimming, 10 miles biking, 3 miles running] is totally do-able. I don’t plan on trying to win any of these races, but I will try to improve my race times. And of course I can’t forget to mention my two favorite parts of participating in these races—it’s normally to support a great cause and the free t–shirts. Oh yes, free t–shirts.

So what was my February race? Run for the Chocolate of course! A 5K in 20 degree weather complete with chocolate lollipop medals and hot chocolate at the finish line.

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