Rehearsal Dinner Dress Inspiration

So even though the wedding is still a little over 9 months away, I’ve already started looking for a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner. I’ve opted to stick with the semi-tradition of wearing a white cocktail-esque dress for the rehearsal. If my skin tone would allow me to wear blushes, I would much rather go that route. Because the wedding is in October, I’m looking for a shorter dress with some sort of sleeve. My favorite kind of dresses have some sort of sleeve. Not exactly sure why, because I love to show off my shoulders. Probably the comfort factor. Anyway…even though the ceremony is outdoors, the rehearsal dinner is not. It’s at an event space inside of an old brick building. Pretty similar to our reception space actually. The thing that I love about the rehearsal dinner space is that your event determines how nice or casual the setting is.

So with that being said [explained], here a few different styles I was considering. Side note: I will probably change my mind a hundred times. I think I can honestly say that I think something like dress #1 is what I would most likely wear. So simple and could easily be dressed up or down. Dress #2 comes in white, and while I like it, it makes me think of something I would wear to work and not a rehearsal dinner. Dresses #3 and 4 have the longer sleeves with more details. Love the sheer and lace aspects of them. I threw in dress #5 because navy is the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. I love the color and the ruffles, but it seems a little “young” looking for me. Still a cute dress though.

Dress 1 // Dress 2 // Dress 3 // Dress 4 // Dress 5

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