Kitchen Island: Found; Basement: Halted

So we ended up finding a kitchen island/cart the same day I posted about us starting to look for one. We waited a week to order it, but finally did so last night. The island is actually from JC Penney—a place I always forget to check out when looking for home goods. Not sure why…I just forget they carry home things.

The island is pretty much exactly like what we were looking for and super similar to the one we found at Crate and Barrel. Except! This one is longer [at 51 inches vs 40-something], was on sale for $250 [down from $500], and we were able to get free home delivery [normally $28.] Nice! It has the drawers for linens like I wanted and the two sliding doors with the open shelves inside. We don’t like the towel and spice rack on the sides, so we plan on leaving those off when we put the island together. It also has the drop leaf we can put up if we need the space to sit at with stools or prepping food.

In other news…the basement has yet to be taped and mud.  The guy we hired has pushed back our basement project almost 3 weeks due to him [still] finishing up the job he is currently working on. We’re not to happy about it being pushed back that far, and have agreed that if he wants to push it back any further that we’re just going to look for someone else. We totally understand that sometimes things take longer than expect because of bumps in the road, and in this case, the holiday season. However, we weren’t expecting it to take almost a month before he could come work on it, nor did he mention that when he came to give an estimate. I have this week off from work, so I was really hoping to get down there to prime and paint everything. So in the mean time, I getting other projects started and/or finished around the house. The world map for the office finally has a frame, and I’m finishing up a sunburst mirror I started making yesterday.

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