Cookie Exchange Quickie


I, for some reason, agreed to participate in my neighbor’s cookie swap. So now I’m spending my Saturday baking 10 dozen cookies. I don’t have time to bake 10 dozen cookies. So this is where my cheating method comes in…

Use cake mix. I’m doing Devil’s Food mix and peppermint pieces. One mix is getting me about 4 dozen cookies. Done!

Sure, it’s not the same as making it from scratch, but it is a big time saver!

6 thoughts on “Cookie Exchange Quickie

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    • Hi! I made these cookies almost a year ago, but never took a picture of the finished product. If I make them again any time soon, I will post a picture!

    • Hi Mary, you just follow the recipe on the back of whatever cake mix you happen to select. You can add in any type of extra goodies (chocolate chips, nuts, etc) that’d you’d like!

    • not all cake mixes have th cookie recipie on the back. its:
      1 box any flavor cake mix
      2 eggs
      1/2 cup oil
      drop by teaspoon full (i use a cookie scoop)
      bake at 350 for 8-11 minutes
      these are SOO good and so quick to make! you can add nuts or chips of your choice

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