It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

We put our tree up last Sunday :)

Last year we drove to a Christmas tree farm a couple hours south of the city to cut down a tree, but this year we drove 10 minutes to a nearby farmer’s market to pick out a tree. Not quite the same experience, but it was better than going to a big box store to pick out a tree. So naturally, we set the tree up right away.  We had to move the couch over quite a ways to the left for there to be enough room. Even still, the train tracks overlap the fireplace. Just to make things clear [like to my father], there are four stockings because we included one for Nellie and one for Ferrah. Pets are family, too.

Speaking of the fireplace…I painted the hearth a while back to match the white bricks, but never posted about it. It looks so much better than the ugly, cracked concrete tiles that were there. Right now it’s just painted with the same flat paint that was used on the brick, which doesn’t look the best once you get up close to it. So I may paint it with a semigloss, but I can’t decide if I want to do that or not. We still want to replace the hearth altogether, but for now having it painted white is just fine. We’re almost scared to see what is underneath the concrete tiles. I’m sure just the it’s just the subfloor. Adding a wood mantel would be the topper for the fireplace transformation.

Oh, and we got our first few snow flakes of the season. They never amounted to anything. Just a slight accumulation on my car. :)

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