Projects are a Happening!

Project Number 1: The Basement
Now that the drywall has been put in the basement, it’s time to get someone to come in to tape and mud it. We’ve been getting names and contacting people for the last couple of weeks and haven’t had much luck with getting people to return calls about the job. Finally on Monday we got some good news and heard back from two different guys to come and give us an estimate. One stopped by Tuesday night and one stopped by last night to give us quotes of what it would cost them to do the job, how long it take and when could they start. Turns out the guy Tim decided on can start one week from today (next Thursday) and will only need about 5 days to get the job done. Which means, by this time in two weeks from now the basement will be ready to go for the next phase—prime and painting. Yay!!! However, I don’t plan on doing that until the week between Christmas and New Years. My weekends are jam–packed this month, and my office has that whole week off [lucky us] so I’ll have time to prime and paint that week.

So for those keeping track [mainly my family], this is what we have left to do after the tape and mudding are done:
• prime and paint the walls and ceiling
• finish all in–ceiling lights and speakers
• install doors
• install floor boards/trim
• have carpet installed
• build custom cabinets around the water and gas meters [both are inside, weird I know] and support column
• build bar and wine rack
• build custom under–the–stairs storage unit
• find some sort of table for the area between the sectional and bar
• get shelving unit for the new storage room
• find and hang pendent lights above bar and table

So even though we can technically use the room after we get the carpet installed, we still have plenty to do. The in–ceiling lights and speakers won’t take any time at all to do because they’re already installed. We just have to push them up into their little hole and secure them with their trim. We’re also hoping to get the doors and floor boards done in a weekend [or two—who knows]. So a few things should go fairly quickly.

Project Number 2: Re–upholstering Grandma’s Chair
It’s finally been started. It’s not done [imagine that], but it’s close! New cushions are done and the frame is almost half done, but I’m rounding up some help to finish it. It’s not an easy task for someone who’s never re–upholstered anything. Just as a reminder, here’s the before picture. It’s no longer yellow or tufted. :)

Project Number 3: Guest Bedroom
The guest bedroom got some loving a few weeks ago. Nothing too major: paint, new bedding, a side table. I’m not ready to show it off quite yet. I have a couple sewing projects and a DIY sunburst mirror to do before I want to show the room off.

So little by little the house is coming together. We’re constantly joking that the house will finally be to how we want it and then we’ll end up moving. I sure hope not!

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