More Walls!

So we’ve made lots of drywall progress since my last post. There are only a few pieces left to be put up in the closet and in a few other spots closer to the stairwell. I plan on doing a full “drywall is done” post, but until the drywall is done I’m just putting up a few “sneak peak” photos. Plus, we still haven’t been able to find Tim’s camera, which means these photos are still being taken from my phone. I’m holding out on buying a new camera because we’ve put a digital SLR on our wedding registry in hopes that one of our family members loves us enough to get it for us. Or at least help contribute. (hint hint) :)

So here is a view from the back of the room looking towards where the TV will be placed. We have the box in place around the ash drop, so we can just take the cover off and empty it if we ever decide to use it. The stairs and the bathroom are off to the right.

And here’s the opposite view from the photo above. And like I mentioned before, the closet has had more work done to it that what’s seen in the photo. The ceiling has been put in and most of the walls. You can no longer see through into the laundry room there on the left (where the bluish light is coming from.) The wires hanging down from the ceiling are for the in-ceiling speakers.

So we’ve been contacting a few people to come give us estimates for taping and mudding. We would rather have a more experienced person do that part. No one wants lumpy walls because the tape and mud weren’t put on correctly. Then it’s on to priming and painting the walls before we start the next phase of the project—the finishing touches on construction. That means installing the doors, light fixtures and speakers, custom built wood cabinets around the two meters and support beam, the custom storage unit under the stairs, and carpet. Then the decorating begins. Lordy…

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