Walls are Going Up.

Tim and his dad were able to get the first few pieces of drywall up on the walls last week, so now it’s starting to feel more like a room and not just a bunch of studs.

Behold…the start of walls! In this picture my back is to where the TV will be mounted, and the door opening goes into the new walk in storage room. There will be a custom cabinet built around the green meter there on the right. It will be floor to ceiling to make it look more like a built in. There will be a door on the top half so we can access the meter if ever needed, and a open wine rack on the bottom half. I’m just not quite sure where in the process of everything that part fits in. There is a second custom built cabinet to be put in on right to hide a different meter, but it’s not in camera view.

Here’s a view just slightly turned to the left. The bathroom is that opening on the far left, and then the entry way into the utility room.

The opposite end of the room hasn’t changed much. However, the boys did make process on the part of wall where the TV will be mounted.

The small, tan door that opens to the ash drop and is also having to get a custom piece built for it so we can access it if we want to use fireplace in the future. Tim put up a couple boards on each side of it as extra support for the TV wall mount. He wouldn’t have anything to screw the mount into if those boards weren’t put in.

The dark gray pipe there to the left is to help conceal all of the wires in the area. We’ll feed the wires into the top opening and out the bottom to the outlet. That way, we won’t have all of those ugly wires hanging everywhere. Where the wires enter the opening will be hidden behind the TV, and where the wires come out at the bottom will be hidden by the media cabinet. Oh, and I noticed that the room looks slanted in this picture, but I promise it’s not. I apparently don’t know how to take a picture without it looking slanted.

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that the walls can be done in a month. That means painting done and ready for trim and carpet. But between going to concerts, the World Series here in STL and an endless list of things to do, we might be cutting it close. Oomph.

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