New Front Door is Finally Done

So when Tim first bought the house, the front door looked like this from the inside.

So one day back in February of this year, Tim and his dad started replacing our front door. The new door is much wider than the old, so the frame had to be removed down to the bones. It still just barely fit.

And then our front door sat like this for 6 months. Six months without the trim being put back on or a storm door on the outside. I didn’t understand (and still don’t) how it takes six months to change a front door. It shouldn’t, and yes I was getting annoyed. I had just painted the wall blue, and was looking forward to having the new door in so I could see the finish product.

I kept on asking Tim to finish the door, and that he had a deadline to get it done before my birthday—which was a couple weeks ago. We were having people over for my birthday and all I wanted was the front door was to be finished. We’re constantly working on this house to make it fit us more, but I’d prefer the unfinished projects [like the basement] to not be in plain site, and have to explain to everyone “oh, we’re still in the process….”

Well I got my wish, and the front door was finished just a couple days before my birthday and the party. The storm door was installed the weekend before, and Tim’s dad stained the new trim and installed it a couple days later. I didn’t even notice the new trim at first. I must have gotten used to just not wanting to look at the unfinished frame, so I missed the newly installed trim altogether. The new trim is actually different than what was there before. It has bit more decorative bevel, and was stained darker to match the door color.

I’m excited about being able the leave the interior door open and let the dog look out the storm door.

The view from the outside. It actually doesn’t look much different from the previous storm door, which was also all glass with a black frame. But the old one was half broken—it got caught when you opened it and never shut right. Plus the new one has a pretty handle.

There still needs some work around the front door on the outside. If you notice in the picture above. the green trim (?) got a little bent and needs fixing. The boys had to do that in order to get the new doors in since they’re bigger than the old. We also have to pick out a new front light, and finish installing the new doorbell. What I’m also trying to figure out, is how to spiffy up  our front step. The previous owners must have loved green [it’s seriously everywhere on the outside of the house], and painted the front step green. Well now that paint is coming off and the red below it is being exposed.

I don’t like it, and it looks bad. We’ll probably start by removing the green paint by using a scraper and power washer. If the concrete below it is in fact red, I’ll probably paint back over the red with something other than green. I’m just not sure what color—black to match the door and shutters, maybe a gray to match the sidewalk, or brownish red to match the brick? I’ll have to see it once all of the green is gone.

More things have happened around the house, but I haven’t had time to put posts up. The basement has been getting a little bit of loving, I removed some wallpaper, we’ve been switching out outlets and light switches, and I’ve been on the hunt for some artwork and new decor. Oh, and I’m thinking about doing a half marathon in October. Maybe…

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