Nellie Turn 1 Today!

Our little Nellie is growing up so fast…it’s her 1st birthday today.

We’ve only had her for just under 10 months, but neither Tim or I could imagine not having her around. Ferrah kitty, on the other hand, still doesn’t like the dog. Maybe once the dog calms down and grows out her puppy-hood then Ferrah will be more open to her. We still don’t know what she’s mixed with other than beagle. We [mainly me] think she’s part fox hound. She’s about 30 pounds and is about twice as tall than the beagle Tim grew up with. I’m still tempted to go buy one of those DNA tests from PetSmart and send it in. So here are few milestone pictures from the past 10 months. I think they’re milestones anyway.

So here’s our little Nellie when we first brought her home. The picture is a bit blurry but she was the cutest little thing ever. We were able to fit her in the cat’s carrier when we first brought her home!

I think she looks like an otter in this picture :) No one can deny that face.

Her signature head–turned–slightly–to–the–side look.

Her first Christmas. We put her in this box and she popped up for long enough for picture.

And of course playing in the snow.

Graduating from beginning puppy class. She graduated from intermediate too, but that picture didn’t turn out so well.

I think this is her way of smiling. Or begging for a treat.

She learned to love car rides. I promise we normally don’t have the window down that far when driving, but the car was stopped so I could take a picture.

She even acts like a little lady when sitting in the car, and crossed her paws.

As you can tell, we’re completely obsessed with this dog. We’re not afraid to admit.

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