My 4th of July Weekend

So this isn’t a full post, but rather a sneak peak. Only because I haven’t uploaded pictures to my computer, but I did grab a few from my phone. I took some pictures of the flooded Missouri River from the plane when we were flying into Omaha…I was in awe. And of course, I took some of fireworks. What’s the 4th of July without a few fireworks?

Sunset on our first night back in Nebraska. It’s so nice to see the sunset without a bunch of city buildings obstructing your view.

Fireworks using sweet 3D glasses made just for fireworks. More pictures to come.

A country road outside of town that’s flooded over because of the river.

My hometown parade on the 4th of July. The mainstreet is always filled with people.

One of the sweet fountain-like firework displays at a show back here in Saint Louis.

More to come hopefully tonight or by the weekend. I have a yummy recipe I’ve been wanting to post as well. Oh, and I tried on a few dresses while back in Nebraska, but those pictures don’t get posted :)

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