Wedding Party Attire

I feel so proud of Tim and myself with planning the wedding. We booked a photographer, we are booking the reception venue tonight, I’m also meeting with a florist tonight and have a list of outdoor ceremony venues to check out. So with most of the big stuff taken care of, I can now start focusing on some of the small details…starting with the wedding party’s attire. We’ve [or mainly just me] have decided on a navy blue, a poppy red and a goldenrod yellow for our colors, along with a few white/tan hints here and there. I love the look of blue and yellow and then red and blue together, so I thought “why not combine all three!”

I have kind of always envisioned having “my girls” [as I refer to them as] wearing a short, dark blue dress. It didn’t take me long to find the dress I was wanting for the girls. I checked several sites just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything as far as bridesmaid’s attire goes. In the end, I kept going back to this dress from David’s Bridal. I only have a few requests when it comes to the dress: Short, dark blue, that the girls like it, and that it’s affordable. Well I was able to check all four of those requests off my list with each girl. They all really like the style of the dress! Did I mention it has pockets and is only $99? Pockets! I did find a dress from J Crew’s line that I really liked, but I wasn’t going to ask “my girls” to shell out $200 on a dress—I sure wouldn’t want to. As for shoes, I’m always a big fan of peep-toe pumps so ideally that’s what they would wear. I’m deciding between a nude color or white, but leaning more towards nude. I’m not going to be super picky about the style of shoes the girls buy, but I want them all to be the same [or very similar] color. Still thinking about hair and other accessories, but those can wait a few months.

Nude pumps from Bakers Shoes; White pumps from Zappos

As for the boys, we’ve decided on a light tan/khaki suit. Since this will probably be an outdoor ceremony we thought it would be perfect. Not to mention, several of Tim’s friends are doing gray suits for their weddings this year, and we didn’t want the same thing as everyone else. I’m thinking a dark blue tie [possibly solid or patterned] to match the girls’ dress would look really nice. Tim likes the idea of having the three piece suit to include a vest, so we’re trying to hunt one down. I’m hoping once it gets closer to the fall more suits will be coming into the stores. We also don’t want the boys to shell out a bunch of money on a suit, so getting a deal is always a nice thing.

Left suit from JC Penny; Right suit from Macys

The next thing I would like to get grasp on is flowers. I have a list of flowers I love, but I know not all of them should be put together and that not all of them may be available in the fall. But that’s what a florist is for! I’m going to hire a florists for the wedding partys and families’ flowers but if I decide I want to have flowers for center pieces at the reception, I’ll buy wholesale and have someone help me DIY those arrangements.

I love being able to cross things off the wedding to–do list.

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