Photographer is booked!

Last week was a busy week for us. We looked at three possible reception venues and booked the photographer!

We booked Studio 21 Photography out of Shelbyville, IL. It’s a husband–wife duo who love photography and capturing real life moments. I actually stumbled upon these guys by accident and fell in love with the style of their photography. I wrote the website down in the back of a notebook and kept it there for future reference. For me the photography is one of the most important things of a wedding. You’ve got to have a great photographer to capture the entire day. I checked out other photographers as well but in the back of my mind I always knew that I wanted Studio 21—largely in part because they were a team rather than a lone photographer. I was looking through pictures on their site one day after Tim and I had gotten engaged and realized a friend from college had used them for her own wedding. She spoke nothing but good words about Alison & Nick [the photographers], which made me even more confident about selecting them. Go on and check out their website :)

These are three of my favorite pictures…notice the common theme?

And of course my friend Jamie from college [and her husband Craig] that used Studio 21 for her own wedding. Doesn’t she look so pretty?!

We’re thinking about doing the engagement session in the fall. Now that it’s almost July, it will start getting really hot out, and who wants to be all sweaty for pictures? Not me! I’m just really happy we can cross a big item off the wedding to–do list. Next to be crossed off: reception venues.

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