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So not much has happened here in the last week…only a big storm that came through Wednesday and some parts of town got softball sized hail. My boss actually gave all of the employees the option of leaving work early that to get home before the storm hit [his mom asked him to let out early, what a nice lady]. The second I left downtown the sirens started blaring and Tim calls to tell me there a funnel cloud near our house…awesome. After the tornado hit Joplin, the entire state of Missouri is being very cautious with storms. I think there were at least half a dozen funnel clouds throughout the city, but no tornado thankfully.

On a happier note…drywall was delivered! It was actually delivered two weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to post it. Mainly because it’s not the most exciting thing in the world. The insulation is probably 80% done so that will need to be finished, along with any outstanding electrical. Now that it’s sailboat season, Tim’s dad isn’t here as often to help work on the basement, so not as much has gotten done as Tim would like. I don’t blame his dad, though, for wanting to be out on the sailboat, rather than working in a basement.

Since Tim doesn’t have a truck, he had to have Home Depot deliver the drywall. They only deliver as far as your driveway or garage, so Tim and a friend had to carry all 45 sheets down to the basement afterwards. There’s 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch drywall, but I can’t remember which one he putting on the ceiling vs the walls.

I think Ferrah is modeling for us…

Some of the new ceiling lights are in the process of being installed. I think we’re installing 6-8 lights in the main area, plus some feature lighting to highlight any art on the walls.

In other news…
I’ve started some minor planning for the wedding. I’ve made lists for possible ceremony and reception venues, rehearsal dinner spots, florists and the type of flowers I would maybe want to use, and photographers. I pretty much have bridesmaids dresses picked out, but I want to make sure the girls will like them—starting with my sister when I fly home in July. I have my dream dress picked out, but considering it’s well out of my price range I’ve been looking around. I have managed to find a really [and I mean really] good knockoff for about 1/6th of the price. My mom even likes the neckline of the knockoff better than the designer dress. Done!

A lot of people have mentioned that October 2012 is so far away, and that I have plenty of time to plan. But not really. Places here in St. Louis tend to book a year in advance. I was talking with one girl yesterday and she said that at a year out from her wedding, they were having trouble find a place for their reception…scary. So Tim and I are going to start visiting places in a couple weeks. Oh, not to mention Tim has to take his Professional Engineering [PE] test this coming April and needs several months to study. He doesn’t want to have to worry about a lot of planning the several months leading up to it. I don’t blame him. Thanks to awesome places like I think planning won’t be as bad as I hope [they have a checklist that tells you when you need to be planning everything]. I’m contacting a photographer today, so hopefully it will be a good first step into planning.

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