Drum role please!

So what’s the big news? Tim and I are engaged! Yay! He popped the question Sunday afternoon.

Tim and I have a list of things we want to do around St. Louis together, and ideally start crossing some things off this summer. So early last week Tim asked if I would be up for going to the Arch on Sunday (the 15th). I said sure, thinking it was part of our list. The Arch of all places? Yep. You see, though Tim was born and raised here in St. Louis he’s never been to the top of the arch. Me, on the other hand, didn’t grow up in St. Louis [or Missouri for that fact] and have been to the top countless times. I kind of have a weird obsession with the arch. It’s funny. Anyway…so Tim asked if I wanted to go to the Arch on Sunday and I said yes.

The weather wasn’t very nice. Cold [like 50-ish degrees], overcast and gray, and misting off and on. I offered to wait until it was a nice day, but Tim insisted on wanting to go that day. That isn’t normal Tim behavior. Normally he would be all, “yeah…let’s stay in,” but not Sunday. Hint hint?! We went to our favorite deli in South City called Mom’s Deli, grabbed our favorite sandwich [Mom’s Special] and headed downtown. We laid out a blanket on the lawn directly below the arch and Tim ate lunch [I had already eaten lunch at a friend’s bridal luncheon]. I did have a couple nibbles of the sandwich, though—too tasty to resist. And then the weather started up and the mist started coming down heavier, so I asked if we could pack up and go to the top. That’s when Tim reached in the backpack and said, “Since I have you at your favorite spot in all of St. Louis, [opens up ring box] will you marry me?” Of course I said yes. And cried.

I’m sure everyone [the few people that read this blog] is dying to see the ring other than in a text message…so here it is! I love it! It’s a radiant cut diamond with three round diamonds [pave setting] on each side. It came as a set with a matching band, which has eight of the small diamonds. The rings are about a half size too big, so I’ll have to surrender them to get sized next week. I tried to get the best shot I could, but the pictures don’t do it any justice.

My hand looks awkward and limp in this picture—just ignore that.

In the sun and proper lighting, the diamonds sparkle like crazy—thanks to the diamond being an E on the color scale [D being the best].

So right after Tim proposed and slipped the ring on the finger, six college aged kids came up to us asking to take a picture of them. Since I was still trying to wipe the happy tears away, I blabbed to the girl “We just got engaged!” I think we shocked them. So we took their picture in exchanged for one of them taking our picture. It’s not the best picture, and you can see how gross it was outside. I was cold, no makeup left on my face, and my hair was starting to go limp because of the mist, but at least someone was around to take our picture right after it happened. The girl even had me do the cliche pose and put my hand on his chest to show the ring…haha.

So even though the weather wasn’t the nicest, it was still an amazing day. It was special that Tim had thought of one of my favorite spots in the city to pop the question. Soon the wedding planning will begin, which means I will be adding another subject to the blog. I don’t plan on going crazy with the wedding posts. Maybe a few inspiration boards here and there or pictures of the venue we end up picking, but nothing excessive. We plan on getting married in October or September of 2012, and I already have lots and lots of idea running through my head. We have three weddings to attend this summer so I will definitely be taking notes. So here’s to a smooth engagement and wedding planning. Thanks for everyone’s support and the welcoming to each other families!

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