One Day for Design Recap

A week ago, the AIGA held a conversation all about design…how the industry is growing, what could we do to make it better, what the AIGA could do to make it better, and more importantly the future of design. Actually, there was so much more than just those few things mentioned and discussed. The conversations were talked about over Twitter, and moderated by eight professionals on One Day for Design’s website. So you could watch each of the moderator’s discussions and interactions with those who tweeted back with ideas, concerns, thoughts, and opinions. At one point, #1d4d was the number four ranked trending hashtag. That’s pretty impressive. I was even able to get a conversation started [go me!] about how I would like to see the AIGA work with colleges/universities and step up when it comes to graphic design business courses. We aren’t really taught anything about the business side of design in school, we’re just taught how to design. It’s a huge hurdle I’m still trying to get over and learn about.

Anyway, I caught screen grabs of a few of my favorite tweets from the day’s discussion and just wanted to share. You can catch more quotes from One Day for Design’s website. I’m intrigued on how they will act upon some of the things discussed!

On a separate thought…
I don’t know if anyone [mainly my mother] has noticed, but to the right of the screen [under the Links section] my Twitter feed is displayed. Since it’s real time, you can often times see what I’m up to when I’m not posting. I’ll tweet about working on a project, but I may not get it up on the blog for a few days. Good ways to keep tabs on people…without being a creepy stalker. [ha!]

Happy Wednesday!

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