New Kitchen Hardware

A few weeks ago I finally decided to purchased new cabinet hardware for the kitchen. The new isn’t extremely fancy, but it’s definitely an upgrade compared to what was there. Since the kitchen won’t really get touched for a while, I felt like new hardware would help it look and feel less dated.

So here is the old hardware–brass, dirty and simply run–down looking.

And here’s the new! Simple, satin nickel curved handle. So much better.

Quick comparison [sorry about the lighting] of the new handles [top] and the old handles [bottom.]

A little close-up action of the new handles.

The one thing I noticed while I was changing the hardware out is that the old hardware left marks on the fronts of the cabinets [look just to the left of the new handle.] So I had to scrub quite a bit in some places to get all of the grime off. Nothing a little sponge action couldn’t fix. Someday down the road, we want to re-face the cabinets so those marks won’t be there forever.

And now a shot of part of the kitchen. I didn’t remember to take a picture of the kitchen with the old handles, but the brass color blended in so much with the wood that it probably wouldn’t have been the best shot anyway.

It wasn’t a drastic change, but I think it made a difference. I was able to get these handles in a value pack at Home Depot, so instead of paying $3 a handle, it was $15 for a pack of 10 handles, and then I purchased the other 5 handles as individuals. So with tax, it only cost around $35. Not too shabby.

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