Home Sick

Being sick and stuck at home is never a fun thing. My head is throbbing, my ears and nose are plugged, throat is sore and am constantly tired. Dealing with an [almost] 8 month old puppy trying to play/fight with the cat never adds to the “fun” of being sick either. So that’s what made me realize that I never really talk about my cat, Ferrah, anymore. Nellie puppy seems to get all of the attention these days—maybe because she’s 100x more high maintenance than the cat.

I will have brought Ferrah home four years ago this coming May, and I couldn’t imagine not having her. I was moving into an off-campus apartment with my brother and I wanted a pet. A cat was much easier to hide from the landlords than a dog would have been. She’s kept me company and tolerated the five additional moves I made since bringing her home. I found out that she is technically a “Balinese” cat, which is like a hybrid of a Siamese and a Himalayan. Sure, she has a bit of an attitude, but she’s also a cuddler. Not to mention, I can’t say no to her big blue eyes [one of the main features of Persian cats]. Now if only her and dog could get along…

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