Our Grown Up Bed

We finally have a “grown up” bed.

Before I moved in with Tim he just had a standard full sized bed, and I had a queen sized bed in my apartment. When we started talking about moving in together, we both agreed that we would use my queen sized bed in the house and his full sized bed would go in the guest bedroom [who doesn’t like a bigger bed?] Well when it came time to me moving in, I decided to sell a bunch of my furniture to my roommate at the time—which included some kitchen stuff, my dining set and my bedroom set. Tim had a headboard, but that went into the guest bedroom because it was made for a full sized bed. So we were left with just the metal frame under the mattresses. I improvised and propped up my body pillow [that I never used] as the headboard. It was dark brown and it sat tall enough to be used for the time being.

As I was casually looking for beds, I came across Pottery Barn’s Hudson bed. It was pretty much exactly what we wanted—color and style wise. Except when I saw the $1,599 price tag I sadly clicked away from the bed.

I continued to browse Pottery Barn’s website for the fun of it even though I had high hopes of being let down again by prices. That’s when the Valencia II sleigh bed caught my eye. It was a more affordable $599 and it had the dark wood we wanted. So we pulled out a measuring tape and walked into the bedroom.  The bed was too big for the room… The sleigh style of headboard caused the bed to stick out too far and left under a foot to walk between it and the dresser on the opposite wall.

So we stopped looking for beds and agreed to maybe just wait until the next house when we would have a larger room. I was a little sad, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Then one day, I was once again browsing a local furniture store’s website and BAM! A bed almost identical to Pottery Barn’s Hudson bed that was 1/3 of the price. So of course we went to go look at it. And left with a receipt and a delivery date to mark on our calendars.

Meet Mr. Harrison the bed.

Sure, the bed and dressers no longer match, but it’s fine for right now. I found building plans of night stands we may tackle once the basement is done. The big dresser can wait. The headboard is slightly taller than I anticipated, so I’ll have to paint something new to go above the bed. I was thinking of a couple skinny, horizontal paintings with some sort of geometric patterns to help accent the duvet color. New throw pillows to bring in more accent colors are also on the list of things to do.

This is the main reason why we can’t get the matching dresser right now. There’s only 18 inches between the dresser and the footboard. It’s more than plenty of room for me to walk through to get to my side of the bed, but the matching dresser would leave much less room. I may just try talking Tim into letting me replace the knobs on the dresser instead.

I painted our bedroom the soft green you see and hung curtains back in October and have been wanting to share, but I wanted to wait until I got a few more things done in this room. So here’s the list of things I want to see eventually happen with the bedroom to make it complete:

  • Matching dressers
  • New blinds
  • Art above the bed
  • A big rug
  • A bigger mirror above the dresser

But for now I’m so pleased with the new bed that I’m concentrating on other areas of the house right now. Besides, other people rarely see our bedroom.

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