Basement Progress…Finally!

Framing of the walls has finally begun! This is where I feel like I can finally start getting excited because our vision is starting to become real. There’s still a lot to be done, but framing the walls is a huge step! Again, sorry for the quality of my photos…I think my camera is craping out on me. Plus the lighting in the basement is horrible.

So this is what the basement looked like over the weekend. The walls got two coats of dry lock a couple weeks ago, so they had plenty of time to dry up and seal before the 2×4’s got put up. This is the largest wall in the basement and back half [where the wood is piled there on the left] is where the storage closet will be.

Interrogation stool anyone? There will be a wall put up right inside the ugly discolored tile and the door into the closet will be on the left end of the wall.

Tim and his dad working on putting up the wall shown in the previous photo. Nice knee pads Tim ;)

Standing in the closet area looking back to where I was standing before. The wall in front of me that does not have a frame yet is where the TV will be mounted to the wall and some sort of entertainment center. The square on the wall is actually where you clean out the ashes from the fireplace, so Tim is having to build a custom box/frame around it so we can still access the door to empty [that is if we ever get to use the fireplace.]

Again, sorry for the poor photos. Standing back where I was in the first couple of pictures [the stairwell is off to the left], you can see the bathroom and the annoying support beam we’re having to build and plan around. There will be another wall going in front of the furnace [following the ugly multi-colored tile off to the left], with a door on the left end of the wall—next to the white wall—so we can access the utility room…aka, the washer & dryer.

If I had better pictures, I would show more but I got frustrated with my little point-and-shoot camera so I didn’t take any more pictures. Oh well…the progress will continue this weekend. Once the frames are done, Tim and his dad will start in on the electrical and then the dry wall. Pretty exciting stuff!

The next post will be about the new bed [I’m finishing this one on my handy-dandy smart phone] and maybe I’ll include a picture of my new hair [it’s six and a half inches shorter.]

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