No More Cheese for Me

Starting tomorrow, that is. I’ve decided to try and give up cheese this year for Lent.

Pretty much everyone I’ve told [or mostly Tim has told] thinks I’m crazy and tells me how good cheese is and that they could never give it up. Yeah..yeah… I don’t deny that it’s not going to be hard, because it is! I loove cheese. I put cheese on or in most foods. But I’m always up for a good challenge. I honestly thought about giving up meat for about 2 seconds, but then realized I would probably starve to death. I’m not willing to go that extreme. I think Tim is more upset about me giving up cheese than I am! I normally do most [all] of the cooking so he thinks he will go the next 40 days without cheese as well. I will prove him wrong.

Though I’m not Catholic, being a Lutheran is pretty much the next closest thing to it so I was raised to give something up for Lent. I actually [secretly] look forward to Lent every year. Not only for the challenge of giving something up, but because I’ve stopped going to church since moving away for college so I feel like this is a [very small] way to make up for it and keep the faith going.

And not to change the subject completely or anything, but we had another successful weekend of working on the house. Tim and his dad got just over half of the basement walls framed, the new bed was delivered and put together, I decided on a rug and found some frames to hang that were later spray painted. I promise pictures tonight or tomorrow.

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