Battle of the Rugs

I’ve had my eye on a certain yellow rug from West Elm for some time, but have been holding back on buying it. Well, now I have my eye on another rug from Home Decorators. Both are 5×8, and I’d love to have either one of them, so it mainly comes down to pattern preference.  However, the rug from Home Decorators is $30 cheaper and has free shipping [until the 14th] as compared to the one from West Elm who would be tacking on another $23 for shipping and is back-ordered until March 22nd. Both rugs are a little bit thinner than what I was really hoping for, but I figure it should be okay because it will allow the new office chair to roll better than if the rugs were thick and plushy.

The West Elm rug shown in context. [picture from West Elm’s website.]

The Argonne rug shown in context. [picture from here]

What originally inspired me to start looking for a yellow rug was seeing it used in John & Sherry’s house [from YoungHouseLove.] It seems to brighten up any room they put it in. Currently it’s in their guest bedroom—which is extremely cute. Their rug is from Pottery Barn, but unfortunately they don’t carry that rug anymore.

Not knowing my tax return situation is what’s keeping me back from purchasing a rug tonight. I have a huge feeling I’m going to be paying in this year, and that my tax lady is probably going to hate me. I think I turned in about a dozen different forms, plus receipts. That’s what happens when you transfer from being a college student into a full-time worker and having freelance jobs on the side.

And one final note…our new bed frame comes in tomorrow [as in Friday] !!! Oh, and Tim purchased the new sectional for the basement! It should arrive in 8-10 weeks, which is good considering we may need more time than that to finish the basement. [boy I hope not] Tim took tomorrow off from work so him and his dad could start [and hopefully finish] framing all of the new walls this weekend. Although I may not be helping with framing the walls this weekend, I still have a full list of things to do. Finding frames and fabric, sewing repair work and some work I’m having to bring home from the office.

Ok, I lied…this is a final note but I just had to show this picture. While I was trying to write and get this post together, check out what was going on directly behind me… Tim is laying face down and the dog is licking his hair. We can’t figure out what it is out Tim’s hair [probably his shampoo] but the dog is obsessed with licking it. Weird, but cute.  :)

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