Weekend Projects Galore Pt. II

I’m finally getting around to putting pictures up of some of the things that have been accomplished over the last couple of weekends…sorry if it’s a long post.

Project #1
So, starting with the biggest project going on in the house—the basement. Here are a few pictures of what the basement looked like when we first moved in—ugly carpet tile and green built-ins.

Here’s what was found on the wall when the paneling was torn down: disco stickers!

From the top of the stairs looking down into the basement [don’t mind the dirty carpet on the stairs]

I have decided this is my favorite sticker from the entire wall. Tim says he’s doing the “booty-do”

And now here is the progress we’ve made since the last basement post—disco stickers gone, two coats of the dry lock has been put up and TIm bought a bunch of the wood to start framing the walls. I know it doesn’t look like much, but Tim and his dad also moved the gas line and removed an unused cold air return. It’s big progress to us, and another step closer to getting new walls put up!

Oh yes, we also had to get a pet gate for little Nellie…she learned how to go down the stairs.

Project #2
Tim bought a new front door sometime late last spring/early summer and the door has been sitting in the garage ever since. Well, this past weekend, Tim and his dad attempted to put the door in. Slight problem…the door was wider than the doorway, even once they got down to the brick by removing all of the old frame. After some sanding and wiggling, the door was in! However, they still have about a day or two of work left before the project can be called “completed.” The storm door still has to be installed and new trim has to go up around the door on the inside of the house. Hopefully this weekend…

So here’s the old front door.

And here’s Tim working on getting the new one put in. See the difference of the wall on the picture before and this one? Yeah, I ended up painting the wall blue this past weekend as well.

New door! [sorry about the lighting…it was late at night] Now you can see what I mean about trim needing to be put up.

And just a quick shot of the wall during the painting process. The colors look different between the two pictures because of the lighting and the different time of day. [I also think my camera hates me some days]. The true wall color is similar to the above picture.

Project #3
Like the previous two projects, this one isn’t complete either [I sure hope we don’t turn into those people that have way too many projects going on and can never seem to get them finished.] I have made progress on the office though! I painted the once tan colored walls to a light, cool grey about two weeks ago. I found a chair from target that was almost identical to the one at Pottery Barn that Tim and I had our eyes on. The one from Pottery Barn was a whopping $400, plus $20 for the cushion. The one I bought from Target was on sale for $128 [originally $159] and it came with the cushion and I got free shipping on it. The only big differences between the two chairs are slight color variation and the wheels, but who looks at the wheels anyway?

I still have that yellow rug from West Elm on my wish list, and to also do some sort of window treatment. I’ve started on the world travel map and should hopefully get that finished this weekend as well!

So that’s some of the progress we’ve made over the last couple of weeks. More to come—like how we went furniture shopping last night and found a bed frame and a sectional for the basement!

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