Weekend Projects Galore Pt. I

So, I haven’t really updated the blog this past week, but that’s because we didn’t really do anything during the week that was worthy enough of a post. However…the last couple weekends [especially this one] has been filled with house projects.

So this is what we’ve done over the last couple weekends. No pictures tonight [too tired,] but I’ll have them up within the next day or so.

  • I painted the wall behind the couch in the living room.
  • Returned the faulty office chair and ordered a new one with hopes it won’t be constructed wrong as well.
  • We pulled down the rest of the paneling, scraped off all the crazy disco stickers and got the two coats of dry-lock up on the basement walls.
  • Moved gas lines in the basement and removed a cold air return that wasn’t being used.
  • Purchased a ton of 2×4’s to start framing up the walls in the basement.
  • I started constructing the cork backing to the travel world map that we’re going to hang in the office.
  • Tim and his dad started replacing the front door [after it sat in the garage for probably 8 months]
  • Lastly, I took Nellie to the groomer and her little nails got a grinding.

Whew! So there has been a lot going on, not to mention normal weekend stuff like cleaning, walking the dog, running errands, etc. I need a weekend to recover from my weekends. Hopefully the boys can finish the front door up tomorrow—they get the day off for the holiday. Unfortunately, the design world and the deadlines don’t stop for holidays. But this doesn’t mean we don’t have a door up, because we do! It just needs the caulking done, the storm door put up, and new wood trim on the inside to make it look nice.

Did I mention I also found time to go to a work function, a gallery opening and squeeze a small amount of shopping in as well?

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