Darn Weather

Growing up in the Midwest, you get used to the crazy weather patterns that happen. The humidity, the thunderstorm, and of course…snow. We are getting our third [or fouth?] snow storm of the winter. Except this time it’s a three day ice-storm-turned-white-out-blizzard storm. It started with freezing rain all day yesterday, which has turned into sleet, and now we’re waiting for the snow and the 40 mph winds. [Oh joy.] Parts of the city to the north has already started seeing snowfall, and it’s suppose to start here in soon. The predicted snowfall? Only 8-20 inches. Actually, that’s quite a bit for one day. So, I’m working from home today. Yes, I may have grown up with lots of snow, but having to now live with ice is a completely different story. Snow can be fun. Ice is never fun. [Unless you’re at an ice skating rink, that is.]

At 8 AM there was almost a quarter inch of ice on the windshield of my car.

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