Dreaming of Slate and Stones…

So about a month ago, right before Christmas, Tim and I decided to kill some time and check out the new Tile Shop not far from the house. Our intentions were to get ideas for the kitchen down the road. Well, we ended up falling in love with some slate tile, and are pretty set on using it once it’s the kitchen’s turn to get some extra loving.

So here’s the slate tile we fell in love with for the kitchen backsplash….Mongolian Desert Corinth

A little close–up action. I love all the colors.

And some examples of the tile being used. We plan on using the horizontal look, rather than the vertical. These examples use the two other color options with the slate tile, but they’re at showing how the tile will look once installed.

While we were there, I fell in love with a fireplace that was covered in a stacked stone. Maybe I can convince Tim that we should do this to our own fireplace (that neither one of us is in love with). Meet Navajo Stacked.

And another wonderful close–up shot. I love the textures and colors of this stone.

And some examples! With our warm hard–wood floors, and decorative accents in dark browns, white and cool blues, I think this would brighten up the room so much. Right now the fireplace has dark (almost brown) brick, with gold *cringe* trim and a small, wooden mantel.

All images from The Tile Shop’s website.

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