DIY: Yarn Wreath

I have a new love for wreaths…yarn ones that is. I have been seeing them everywhere on the internet over the last several months. So I decided to make one myself, but as a gift for someone else. They’re so easy to make, not mention a lot cheaper than buying a fancy wreath. I got all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby (I’m sure any craft store will carry the supplies). Here’s what you need

• A styrofoam wreath or a natural/twig wreath still wrapped in plastic.
• Your favorite color of yarn—the thicker the better
• Square pieces of felt—for the flowers
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors
• Any decorative accents—ribbon, beads, ect.

I chose a teal yarn with yellow and white flowers.

Step 1: Wrap the yarn around the wreath. Try to stay as straight as possible, but don’t be afraid of overlapping the yarn. You want to make sure you cover the entire foam wreath. This step does take several hours.

The wreath after it’s completely wrapped. I used hot glue to fasten down the last piece of yarn.

Step 2: Cut your felt squares into a circle, and from there chose a point to start cutting a spiral so you end up with one long piece of felt. Towards the end, leave a small circle or oval that can be used as the flower’s base. The bigger the piece of felt, the bigger the flower.

Step 3: Take the felt where you first began to cut and roll it into a spiraled circle. Be sure to keep it tightly wrapped in the beginning so it stays together. Here are the top and bottom views of what the felt flower should be looking like.

I have found that rolling it around my fingers work best—see picture below. For smaller flowers, use your pinky finger. For larger flowers use your index finger. Here’s what it looks like from the top.

Step 4: Using a hot glue gun, glue the bottom of the flower to secure the wrap and press the circle down to create the base.

Step 5: Once all of your flowers are made, figure out an arrangement you like and start gluing them down! I added this fake flower embellishment to mine, so I glued that down first.

Put hot glue on the bottom of the flowers’ bases and press onto wreath. Since I added the fake flower embellishment, I glued the flower down on top of the embellishment’s stem to hide it.

Step 6: The final result! Once you’ve finished putting on your flowers, add a string/ribbon/piece of fabric to hang the wreath with.

Good luck making your own!

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