DIY: S’More Kits

I wanted to make something small to give out to people for Christmas this year, so I decided to make S’More kits. Who doesn’t like S’Mores?

Here’s what I used to make the kits:

• Graham Crackers
• Hershey’s chocolate bars
• Marshmellows
• Clear plastic goodie bags (found at craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)
• Silver ribbon
• Gift bag (or any container you would like: box, glass jar, etc)

I put four marshmellows, two halved graham crackers (four pieces) and 2 pieces of chocolate in their own separate bags. I then tied a ribbon to close the bag.
Tip: Wrap the chocolate in cling-wrap before you put it inside the plastic goodie bag. This will ensure the chocolate doesn’t smear on the inside of the bag.

I made gift tags for each kit. I attached the front and back side of the tag to a textured, colored paper (also found at craft stores).

Close up of the front side.

Close up of the back side.

I punched a hole in the corner of each tag and connected it to the gift bag with the same ribbon I used to close the plastic goodie bags. Using a mini-hat box or glass jar is another great way of putting your kit together. Happy making!

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