Best Gifts I’ve Received

Because we are only a short 10 days away from Christmas I wanted to take a little bit of time to reflect on some of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Some of these are not the conventional gifts you would think that a girl would enjoy getting, but I am extremely grateful that I got them. Not all gifts have to be about having the latest and greatest gadget or the “it” thing that year. It can be something a little unexpected, something that will come in handy later, or a gift that will make the person appreciate you and your thoughts behind it. And gifts don’t have to be just for birthdays or Christmas, it can be for a made up occasion. A couple weeks ago, Tim randomly brought me home flowers, just because he wanted to. Moments and gifts like those are some of the best. So without further ado, these are six of the best gifts I have ever received.

1. Jumper Cables: My dad gave me these when I turned 16 and told me to always leave them in my car. Well dad, you have no idea how many people have asked to borrow them, and without fail every person says “Man, I need to get a pair of these things.”  I have even had to use them on my own car a couple times. Smart move, dad.

2. Brand New Set of Tires: My parents gave me a set of new tires for Christmas a couples years ago, which can be expensive. My car was only 2 years old, but the previous owner had worn them down. Let’s just say I wasn’t as scared to drive in the winter weather anymore.

3. Tiffany’s Anchor Necklace: Okay, so this is the one extremely girly gift I must put on here. I am in complete love with this necklace. Tim gave this to me as a birthday/ anniversary gift [they’re both in the same month]. I had been oogling at this necklace for well over a year, deciding whether or not to add it to my collection of Tiffany jewelry. After I opened the gift, I got cheesy and told Tim he was my anchor….aaaaaw.

4. Sketchbook: I worked at a library for three years while I was in high school, and the Children’s Librarian and I became close —I pretty much consider her my third grandma now. When I graduated high school, she gave me a sketchbook so I could record my journey through college, whether that be with a journal insert or sketches. Today, it’s almost full.

5. Pots & Pans Set: Everyone needs a set of pots and pans after they move into their first apartment. I didn’t get a new set until I was on my fifth, yes fifth, apartment. I had used hand-me-downs until last Christmas, and now those things get used almost everyday.

6. Southwest Airlines Gift Card: When I want to go home and visit family and old friends, I either have to drive 7-8 hours or take a short 1 hour flight. I think most people would agree with me and say they would rather fly for 1 hour versus the 7 hour drive. My brother and sister pitched in and gave me a gift card to Southwest to use for one of my trips home. Love them for that.

Stayed tuned for some of the best gifts [I think] I’ve ever given.

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