One of My Winter Projects

Meet my grandmother’s chair. I’m guessing it’s as old as my parents. I love it. Sure it’s yellow, but not for long. I had mentioned to my grandmother last spring that if ever she decides to get rid of that chair, that I want it. Well, it became mine about two months ago and I can’t wait to start reupholstering it. So for the last couple of months, I’ve been looking for fabrics [and a good sale]. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. It’s in our office, which will probably be the last room to get touched in this house [though we did upgrade to a very nice desk from Pottery Barn], so the color scheme and design for the fabric didn’t matter. Well, thanks to Black Friday and week long deals I found fabric, and for half price! I chose two fabrics, but I’m only showing one. I’m so happy with it. Normally, I’m drawn to warm, earthy tones with paint, fabric, decor, etc…but in this case I went with blue. It’s adventurous for me, and everyone should be like that once in a while. Right now the chair’s fabric is completely connected. No separation from the cushions and back. I plan on putting a neutral fabric on the chair, and using the shown fabric to create the two separated cushions.

I can’t decide if I want to get rid of the rattan sides or not. I kind of like it, Tim doesn’t.

The fabric! I know I ordered way to much of it, but that’s okay. I’ll just think of another creative way to use it!

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