Staircase Potential

So as Tim is [still] emptying out the basement of all the extra wood from when he knocked down walls, I’m brainstorming how we can take advantage of the room under the stairs. Sure, we could use it as storage, but I want to add some sort of element of surprise. Maybe a hidden door? Built-ins of some sort? I did a little bit of researching and I have decided that I love seeing the creative ways people transform their staircase into something useful. One of my favorite uses of a staircase is to include built-in drawers [see below—via Apartment Therapy]. I’ve come across two amazing uses of staircases and felt it was necessary to share. Who knows, maybe we can utilize one of these ideas and make our own version..hint hint ;)

This awesome staircase design also came from Apartment Therapy’s website and features a library built around the stairs. Check out the full story behind the design here.

This next staircase was actually added to the house afterwards and costs a pretty penny [approximately $30K]. My favorite feature? The fact that it’s a wine cellar! Check out other examples of the wine cellar here.

How it all works.

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