Bathroom #2 Is Finished!

So Room #2 is finished, and it also the house’s main bathroom (before you got to see the basement bathroom). When you see the before and after pictures, you may be saying to yourself, “well…it kind of just looks the same.” That’s because we didn’t gut the bathroom or make any drastic changes. Yes, the bathroom may be a little outdated, [original to the house built in 1955] but the tile is in good shape [not to mention it’s not pink or green] and gutting a bathroom is expensive [we’re opting to put the money toward finishing the basement]. So instead, it got a fresh coat of paint, a new shower head, shower curtain and some wall art. Make sure when picking up paint for bathrooms, that you specify getting the high-gloss, or moisture and mildew resistant paint. The one thing the bathroom doesn’t have that we wished it did is a vent. That’s been put on the list of projects to do. The new window and huge linen closet makes up for it right now.


This is standing in the doorway looking in. I had to be careful to not spill paint on the tile, hence the newspaper.

We removed two glass shelves to the left of the shower, and put in a new shower head.

The gray and rust-maroon tile. At least it’s not pink and green, right?


After! I lucked out and found a shower curtain and rugs that matched the tile.

I patched up the area where we took down two glass shelves and hung up a piece of art.

Because of the size of the bathroom, you can’t see the linen closet, but I promise it’s just to the left of the sink. And it’s huge for the size of the bathroom! If you look at the sink carefully, you can see the old fashioned toothbrush and soap holders. Though we don’t use them, I think they’re adorable. There’s a matching one in the shower.

The sink with our newly installed hand towel hanger.

Hi Ferrah! She loves the bathtub for some reason.

DIY PROJECT: These frames are about the easiest decor project I have ever done. I picked up three different wooden frames [which are actually table frames] on sale from Michael’s, I think they were only like $4-6 each. I then walked through their scrapbooking section and chose a piece of decorative or textured paper for each frame. I cut the paper to fit the frame, and hung them up. That easy!

Artwork inside the bathroom.

Bonus shot: This is my absolute favorite feature of the bathroom. A laundry chute! Tim made fun of me a little bit because I had no idea what it was the first time I saw it. The clothes/towels land strategically next to the washing machine in the basement. Awesome.

Laundry chute. My favorite feature.

9 thoughts on “Bathroom #2 Is Finished!

    • Hi Marie!
      The laundry chute was actually already installed when we bought the house three years ago. We’re assuming that the previous owners installed it themselves, since it’s not original to the house. I did a quick Google search for laundry and/or trash cute kits, and there doesn’t really seem to be a great one available and most have just DIY’d themselves. If I come across something, I’ll reply with another comment! Thanks for asking!

    • Hey Blake! The tile is actually original to the house when it was build in the mid-50’s, so I don’t have a brand for you. Have you checked with the Tile Shop or somewhere similar to see if they have any thoughts? Best of luck finding some!

  1. What color did you use for the walls? The tiles look identical to my bathroom, built in 1952, and I can’t figure out the best color for the walls!

    • Hi Rachel!
      Let me look at the paint can tonight, and I can let you know. It’s much lighter in person than in the pictures, almost like a creamy white. I love the color with the tile!

    • Sorry for the delayed response about the paint color. Unfortunately the label with the paint name has been rubbed off from the can :( The paint is Valspar brand, available at Lowes. If I happen to come across the paint chip, I will let you know!

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