Room #1 is Finished!

So everyone knows that your first place takes some time to get exactly how you want it. Well Tim has lived here for six months, and myself for three. We actually have 3 rooms in the house done to how we would like them, but here’s the first of them…the downstairs/basement bathroom! Since the basement is under construction being finished, I at least wanted the bathroom to look nice. Before it was a light, baby blue—even the ceiling was that color. I kept with the blue family, but darkened it up a bit. The new paint color on the wall is Valspar’s “Spa Blue,” and the ceiling was painting white ceiling paint, both available at Lowes. When you pick up paint for bathroom and kitchens, make sure to tell the person helping you that it is for that specific room. This way, they should be giving you a high-gloss or moisture/mildew resistant paint finish. I love the color paired with the white fixtures. The home’s previous owner had nice hardware for the towels already installed, so we didn’t have to worry about picking new out. Since there really isn’t room under the window for a medicine cabinet [nor would I want one in this bathroom] I decided to repaint the existing mirror until I have found one we’re in love with. For the finishing touches, I spray painted a few old frames white, framed a couple pictures from recent vacations, and put sand and seashells I collected in Destin, FL into a tall vase. This bathroom is rarely used, so I wanted to keep it clean and simple.




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