Drooling Over: Hanging Planter

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these posts! Over a month to be exact. I’m excited to get back to doing these every week.

I came across this hanging planter a couple weeks ago and instantly fell in love. It’s so simple with just two pieces of wood, and I love the diamond shape of it. Not to mention the sweet brass chain. There’s a spot just to the left of my desk in our home office where I’m dying to put a hanging plant. At first I wanted glass terrariums with air plants, then I changed my mind to wanting a macramé hanger, and now I think I’ve changed my mind again!


Jungalow Plant Hanger by M.F.E.O  /  Etsy listing $75

Gas Meter Cabinet & Wine Rack is Complete!

One more to-do item on our basement list has officially been crossed off! We finished the cabinet and wine rack hiding our gas meter a couple weeks ago and are loving it. Tim would like me to paint something to hang up, so I’m thinking about it and looking at inspiration. We went to our local grocery store and picked up 12 bottles of wine to help fill it. They have a deal that if you buy six bottles, you get an additional 10% off the lowest price for each bottle. While we were checking out, the cashier told us to buy six-pack bottles of wine on Wednesdays because you get 15% off that day. Oh heck yes.


After getting the trim installed on the top and bottom, we filled in the holes and gave the trim a fresh coat of paint. Which actually led to me giving the rest of the baseboards in the basement a fresh coat of paint. Painting baseboards is starting to haunt me in my sleep.

Anyway, we’ve filled the drawer with coozies, along with coasters and wine stoppers. Super handy for when we have guests and keeping those things in one place.


Walking down the stairs and seeing the back half of this room with the finished cabinet makes me so happy. It looks pretty bare from this angle, but there are prints framed and hung on the opposite wall that’s not in the picture. Down the road a bar and stools will be added. It’s actually worked out not having a bar yet because we’ve had to put a couple long tables together for large gatherings, and we’ve needed all of that space.


The opposite view of the room doesn’t look any more decorated, but it will be someday! Also, can you spot Tim’s head? He’s sitting on the sectional watching the game on TV.


Other than the bar, the only projects left are the door under the stairs and one little thing with the basement landing and the hand rail.


Office Update

So I wasn’t wanting to put photos up of the office until it was done, but then I realized I haven’t shown any photos of it for two years! And wouldn’t you know, there’s been some progress made in that time. I decided to change the color palette, bought a new rug, got some art hung up, and finally got my Grandma’s chair reupholstered. There’s still things I need to cross of my to-do list and a few items from my office wish list that I would like to eventually get, but as of right now I’m really happy with how things are turning out!

Side note: I apparently forgot how to hold my camera and get straight shots. However, for the record, this room is quite small so I would need a different lens to capture the room how I really wanted to. Also, ignore how the rug isn’t straight under the desk. I’m actually wondering if it’s too small for the room since it and the desk are almost the exact same width.

So here’s what you see when you first enter the room! I love the big picture window and the light it lets in. I usually have the blinds up so Ferrah can sit on the ledge and watch the birds. And make weird cat noises. Someday I’m going to drive up the Chicago and go to IKEA for that desk lamp and some accessories. I’m not waiting until 2015 when STL’s finally opens.

Office0414-1 Office0414-2

I love how the gallery wall has turned out, though it is hard to capture since it extends below the top of the desk. I wanted this room’s art to be typography based. The top left print is actually a world map showing where different typefaces were designed.

Office0414-3 Office0414-4

And of course the reading nook with the newly reupholstered chair! It’s hard to make out, but there’s a closet with two sliding doors between this area and the art prints. While I appreciate (love) closets, the location of this one kind of limits furniture placement. I’m still looking for a print to hang above the chair, but I may end up making my own. I still want a poof/ottoman/table/something for this area, too.


Lastly, the map wall (it’s directly to your left when you walk in the room). We’re slowly adding pins to our travel map and I hope we never stop. (Other than prior international trips, we’re only pinning domestic trips we’ve taken together). The map itself is huge! The replica airplane propeller above the map is roughly 4 feet wide, so that gives you an idea of the map’s size. I’m thinking about adding an inspiration board to the right of the map. It will help fill that space and I would like to hang up more art and inspiration without committing to hanging frames.


So there’s my office as of this past weekend. I actually enjoy spending time in it now, too!


Before & After: Grandma’s Old Chair Reupholstered

Back in the fall of 2010 I inherited a chair from my Grandma. I had told my Grandma that if ever she was wanting to get rid of said chair, I would gladly take it off her hands. And now, 3.5 years later…it’s finally finished!


This project alone is the main reason why I shouldn’t fuss so much about Tim taking forever to do our basement. In the same amount of time it took him to gut and redo our entire basement I finally got a chair reupholstered. With a bit of professional help I have to add. I don’t know why I was dragging my feet so much about this project. Actually, I do know why…because I was in way over my head with it.

I’ve always liked the general shape and the details, just not the fabric. The original mustard yellow fabric wasn’t my favorite and the cushions had seen better days, so I had always planned to reupholster it. It just took me longer than I ever planned! So this is how the chair looked when it was given to me. The fabric was actually one giant piece, so the cushions and the frame were all connected.


And then I got some new fabric with the intentions of me doing the work on it. Well, I made some mediocre cushions and got stuck on the frame so the chair then sat like this for a couple of years.

Chair-Before2 Chair-Before3

This past fall I had had enough of looking at the half done chair and finally decided to call in professional help. I found a place with a great quote and good reviews and dropped it off. I love the new fabric I picked out (a white cotton that looks more like a linen), but I wasn’t happy with the upholstery shop’s service. They had my chair for 3 months when they were only suppose to have it for 6 weeks. I felt like since the chair was a small project compared to what they’re used to, it kept getting pushed back. Thankfully, they were able to use the foam I had already purchased, so I was able to save a bit of money. I could have bought a brand new chair for what I spent overall, but I really do love this chair and hope it will be with me for a very long time!

Chair-After0Chair-After2 Chair-After3

I love how my little reading nook is finally coming together—just need to get some art hung above the chair!



March Recap

March was the shortest and the longest month ever. It started off with attending Mardi Gras down in Soulard. St. Louis has the second biggest celebration in the nation behind New Orleans. I have never been and Tim thought it was time I attended one. It really wasn’t as raunchy as I was expecting it to be. Except for the guy in the picture below that I felt the need to pose with.

MardiGras1 MardiGras2

Then it was off to Sun Valley, ID for a few days!


I crossed off one of my 30 Before 30 items…learning to ski!


And just as fast as I got my suitcase unpacked and laundry done, we were on our way to Seattle.


The Chihuly gardens was amazing and hiking up to Poo Poo Point was beautiful.


The wine cabinet was finished! Post coming soon.

Love this article with 26 Reasons to Appreciate the Hidden Gems of St. Louis.

Work got insanely busy, but I’m really excited for all of these projects to launch though!

We ended the month with attending a company work party for Tim up in historic St. Charles on Main Street. I certainly paid for it the next day!


When Life Gets Busy.

This photo from our recent Seattle trip kind of shows how my last week has been.

Crazy busy. Lots going on. Not sure what exactly to be focusing on. Cramming a lot into a small space, or in my case, time frame.

I’ve stayed up until midnight working the last few nights because of a crazy short work deadline. I’ve actually had to hand off another large and time consuming project to another coworker to help on because this new one requires so much attention. I’m also wrapping up another big project that’s getting ready to go live.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. It’s just been crazy lately. That mean less sleep. Which makes me cranky and irritable. I feel bad for the way I’ve acted towards Tim the last couple of days. I don’t mean to be cranky towards him, it’s not his fault. Gotta love him for giving me a hug and not letting me go until I take a deep breath and give him a kiss. Just when I think he has no patience, he proves me wrong.

I hope to get a few posts up I’ve been wanting to after the craziness is over. The wine cabinet is finished, I want to show off my reupholstered chair, and getting back to doing the Drooling Over posts. I also have a few side projects that are in dire need of attention. And I’d like to be running more than I am currently, but that’s a whole different story.

Anyway, enough of the pity party…back to work.


Seattle Day 3: Poo Poo Point

One of my requests for this trip was that we go hiking or be outside doing something less touristy. I figured with the Cascades right there, that there had to be some decent hiking around. I was sold when Dan and Katie told us about their hike up to Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain. So on the last full day of our trip, we drove 15-20 minutes southeast of Kirkland to the Issaquah High School and parked near the Sportsmen’s Club. From there we took the High School Trail (which later turns into the Poo Poo Point Trail) all the way to the lookout point. The hike was gorgeous. And a bit challenging! The further we got on the hike, the steeper some of the inclines got.

It was raining a bit on us on our way up, but the trees blocked the most of it. On the way back down, it actually snow/sleeted for a few minutes. The hike is 8 or 9 miles round trip. It took almost two hours to get to the top, but only took half that time to get back down. There was a paragliding company at the top launching flights. It was so cold and windy at the top that we didn’t stay terribly long. Just long enough to enjoy the view, eat lunch and watch the paragliders for a bit. I would love to do this hike in the summer when even more greenery has appeared. All of the pictures were taken with my iPhone, so some are a bit blurry.

PooPooPoint1 PooPooPoint2 PooPooPoint3 PooPooPoint4 PooPooPoint5 PooPooPoint6 PooPooPoint7 PooPooPoint8 PooPooPoint9 PooPooPoint10 PooPooPoint11 PooPooPoint12 PooPooPoint13 PooPooPoint14 PooPooPoint15 PooPooPoint16 PooPooPoint17

And the view we were rewarded with…

PooPooPoint19PooPooPoint18 PooPooPoint20